Your 6th home in astrology rules on health and well-being

ÇWith so much going on in the world right now, there is a good chance that you have felt overwhelmed recently. And while there are many coping mechanisms that can help you locate the root of your feelings and address their effects, knowing your 6th home in astrology is certainly a great way to be explored. “The 6th house has a powerful position on its healing map”, says the transformational astrologer Corina Crysler. “It governs well-being, routine, health and daily responsibilities. The work ethic and type of work environment that you will enjoy also lives in the 6th house, so it is used in combination with the 10th house that governs our career. “

The 6th house in astrology can also illuminate certain patterns in our lives. “When we look at the 6th house, we can gain some insights into what our healing journey may involve, and whether it also includes helping others in a similar way,” says Crysler, who adds that this house may also contain information about past energy lives that can be part of your reality in this life.

But before we delve into how your 6th house in astrology informs your specific experience, let’s recap how astrological houses work in general: each person’s birth chart is divided into 12 segments, or houses, and each house overlaps with one or two specific signs and governs a specific area of ​​life. Therefore, knowing which sign (or signs) is connected to your 6th home in astrology can provide valuable information on how to maximize your health and well-being potential.

To find out what the sign is, enter your date of birth, time and place in this free natal chart generator. Then, look at the sidebar to the right of your graph to see which signal governs your 6th house and come back here to read what it means about how you can feel healthier and better.

Here’s how to use your 6th home in astrology to improve your relationship with health and well-being, according to an astrologer:

Aries in the 6th house

Aries in the 6th house in astrology focuses on physical energy, which makes sense. The ruler of the sign is Mars, which has energy and is the key to defining your best exercise routine.

“Movement at all levels is important for this positioning,” says Crysler. “Physical preparation and athletics will be strong with this 6º home, just make sure to slow down when necessary. “

Bull in the 6th house

You are a worker who sometimes allows financial risks to hinder personal progress. To replenish your energy, anchor yourself in nature.

“Channel the wisdom that you keep connecting with nature and the elements,” says Crysler. “Beauty and sensuality need to be part of your day, as well as sleeping and caressing. Creating a value system will be beneficial for your well-being, not only for your health routine, but also for your work environment. Learn to relax and will relieve the stress that you keep on your body. “

Twins in the 6th house

Gemini in the 6th house in astrology is prone to a fast, fast-paced mind. To interrupt a constant cycle of rumination, find a platform that allows you to take everything out and express yourself.

“Find the ‘container’ to process all the information you have, such as writing or speaking,” says Crysler. “Connecting with other people is important, so working from home for long periods can be a little difficult for you. Be careful not to worry about things you can’t control.”

Cancer in the 6th house

Cancer in the 6th house in astrology can mean nutritional qualities that contribute to great care. They need to lead with their intuition and emotions, but they also need a comfortable and safe environment to avoid being shy or insecure; finding a community is important for this sign.

“Be aware of how your emotions can take control of your well-being and avoid sinking into negative thought patterns,” says Crysler. “Any practices that connect you to your subconscious will be highly beneficial, such as working with lunar cycles.”

Leo in the 6th house

“They need to approach things lightly and have fun with everything they do,” says Crysler. “Leo rules strength, which can have its advantages, but it can also be tiring. Resilience is a great feature to have, but making things easier for you can bring more peace, especially in matters of heart.”

Think of it this way: if you are feeling exhausted, a good project for you would be to volunteer with children, which Crysler says is a strength of Leo in the 6th house. Perhaps you can teach guitar to your niece or nephew using Zoom or try coloring books for adults. “Lead with your heart creatively and you will find joy and pleasure,” she says.

Virgin in the 6th house

Virgo feels natural in the 6th house in astrology, over which she rules. This positioning emphasizes healing energy, so take a break and commit to practices that allow you to be present and have self-compassion.

“Be careful not to think too much or be critical of yourself,” says Crysler. “Things don’t have to look perfect to show your skills for people to see. Mindset is important for your healing journey. Remember that your thoughts can become your reality; therefore, create a daily practice that requires mindfulness. and gratitude. “

Libra in the 6th house

“Librans like to mediate and usually enjoy working around counseling and helping others find justice,” says Crysler. “Be aware, however, of how people drain their energy, giving them more attention than you do. Creating healthy boundaries around your relationships would be helpful to your well-being.”

This sign led by Venus also benefits from relaxing and relaxing activities in stunning surroundings. “Libra likes the energy to flow,” says Crysler. “Fluid movement will be important for your wellness routines, so yoga and long walks that allow you to appreciate the beauty of things will be helpful.”

Scorpion in the 6th house

“A daily sexual or pleasure practice is important for this 6th house, as it presents the cure by releasing emotions and establishing a connection”, says Crysler “It is important to pay attention to your inner knowledge – it is a superpower in this position. Be it to maintain balance and go out to enjoy the simple things in life. Not everything needs to be so serious! “

Sagittarius in the 6th house

“Sagittarius in the 6th house needs freedom and flexibility to find what works best for them,” says Crysler. “Following someone else’s plan will not work for this placement.”

This can mean having a truly independent and flexible work schedule and finding freedom. When you have this, you must work very hard. “Be careful not to overdo it and be patient with your healing journey. Sometimes it takes time,” says Crysler.

Capricorn in the 6th house

This positioning may mean that you will really prosper as a leader in the wellness world, but it may be a little out of touch with your needs and emotions. It can be helpful to have a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces friend that you can trust.

“Capricorn in the 6th house requires structure and a system for its welfare plan,” says Crysler. “The Earth element can be balanced with water, that is, pay attention to your emotions. Connect to your body and how you feel, so as not to lose sight that your well-being goes beyond physical results.”

Aquarium in the 6th house

You are always looking for the greater good and want to believe in humanity. It may be beneficial for you, then, to set strict limits on the news cycle now.

“This position must take into account emotional distance,” says Crysler. “Your thoughts and ideas need to flow freely, and having a creative outlet will promote a sense of well-being.”

Fish in the 6th house

Those with Pisces in the 6th house in astrology work with their intuition at the deepest level and tend to have a profession in alternative practices. That said, they need to be super aware of the potential negative effects of being an empath.

“Emotions can be extremely sensitive with this position, and you may need to discern whether you are taking on the energy and emotions of other people than yours,” says Crysler. “Find ways to clean and clean the energy around you, and be aware that large crowds or nightlife may not be good for your health.”

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