Your 11th home in astrology can help you find a community

IIf you need some extra support or gassing now, you’re in luck – just look at your 11th home in astrology to guide you on where to find this community. As a reminder, the zodiac wheel is divided into 12 squares that overlap each of the zodiac signs. Each house represents a different aspect of life, and the eleventh house governs friendship and community. This winning combination can help you determine which group of like-minded souls to look for.

All you need to do is learn which planetary energy of the sign resides in your 11th house. To obtain this information, you can run a free online birth chart generator (like this!) to find out which signs are in your 11th house of astrology. And to help you understand what you are seeing (because birth charts are notoriously confusing), you may want to consider scheduling a private reading with an astrologer. After you get a sense of the activity in your 11th home, check with the astrologer Ambi Kavanagh in Soulstrology has to say about what the friendly community can best serve you.

Below, learn the best way for you to seek community, according to your 11th house in astrology.


“Aries people would do well to join competitive sports teams and burn some energy together, as well as think tanks and leadership for other leaders in their professional field,” says Kavanagh.

For those with Aries in their 11th home who still don’t want to mix in person, now is a good time to find a virtual gym class or an online networking community.


If you have Taurus in your 11th home, Kavanagh says you relate to people because of your love for nature, art, beauty and creativity. A hiking group, yoga group or conservation organization may be the right choice for you. If you don’t like outdoor activities, you can network with other culture lovers through online art classes, museum tours and theater clubs.


“These social butterflies can find friends anywhere and anywhere they go,” says Kavanagh. “They tend to have less intense friendships with more friends based on what is piquing their interest at any given time.”

So, for those with Gemini in the 11th house, variety is the key. Find a community that allows you to attend several different events with multiple focuses, such as, perhaps, an alumni association, and make connections from there.


Those with Cancer in their 11th home tend to prefer deep and meaningful relationships, fueled by intimate encounters. “Friends will be more like family, and less is more here,” says Kavanagh.

That means holding small meetings – whether online or socially distant in person.


“Leo in the 11th house will be the leader of a group of friends who love to have fun together while indulging in their hobbies, creative efforts and passions,” said Kavanagh.

You can feel at home in some kind of performance group, being part of a local music scene, or any other avenue where the culture of the open mic is rampant.


“Obedient, practical, Virgo is likely to volunteer for a good cause, participate in the advice of a charity and find friends with whom they can be zealous and practical together,” says Kavanagh.


“Libra in the 11th house is the ‘hostess with the majority’ and a social butterfly,” says Kavanagh. “Whether for entertainment at home or going to parties, Venus-themed events will appeal to them.”


“Deep and exciting connections are for these people,” says Kavanagh. “In other words, spiritual encounters in other spheres.”

You can feel at home in the circle of the new / full moon, working on past life regressions or even tantric workshops (so that we never forget Scorpio’s sexual side).


Sagittarius is interested in what it all means, but it doesn’t always stay in the same place for long. Where someone with Sagittarius in their 11th house finds community, then, it is in a philosophical course or workshop or a place of worship.

“Somewhere, they are learning and teaching and can spend hours in philosophical debates,” says Kavanagh. “Consider a trip abroad, an ashram or a yoga retreat.”


“Friendships will be found in a place that feels like home – the workplace,” says Kavanagh. “You will have older friends, usually people with status and power. Capricorn in the 11th house gravitates naturally to people in power because they are role models – and mentors often become good friends.”


“The Aquarian will find his community in groups that work to change the world for the better, whether in terms of social justice or technological advances,” says Kavanagh. “It can mean in a protest march or at a technology conference, to dream and plot for the greater good.”


“Those with Pisces in the 11th house should seek creative and spiritual activities,” says Kavanagh. “This can be in a show, a show or a band. Or, as ocean lovers, maybe they will find company in a surfing or kayaking group.”

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