Workers in El Salvador can now be paid in Bitcoin

The citizens of El Salvador are not exactly clamoring to pay with Bitcoin, let alone receive their salary in BTC tokens. But they do have that option now.

Citizens of El Salvador need to get used to Bitcoin law

Strike, the wallet partner for El Salvador’s Bitcoin project, announced its new “Pay Me in Bitcoin” feature yesterday. Users can receive part or all of their salary in Bitcoin.

“Today, anyone with a Strike account, regardless of your employer, can be paid in Bitcoin” Like this wrote Strike CEO Jack Mallers.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin law, proposed by President Nayib Bukele, went into effect last month. The legislation makes the Bitcoin legal tender in the country and forces companies to accept the token. Unless they can’t for technological reasons. El Salvador is the first country to take this step.

People are against the Bitcoin law

According to polls conducted before the law came into effect, most El Salvadorans were against the law. Its adoption has sparked multiple protests.

Even if they are open to the change, many residents of the country still don’t understand much about the technology. That is not surprising since the legislation came into effect in just 3 months. Ethereum founder Vitalik Butern recently said that he thinks it is a reckless move by President Bukele:

“This tactic of pushing Bitcoin to millions of people in El Salvador at the same time without any prior education is reckless. In addition, there are many risks that a large number of innocent people will be hacked or defrauded.”

Strike tries some of these problems, however to solve. The company makes sure that when people forget their private keys, they don’t risk losing all their money.

According to BTC proponents, it is not unwise to have part of your salary paid in Bitcoin. The BTC price has more than quadrupled in recent years. That is a lot better return than leaving it in a savings account. Whether the residents of El Salvador will use it or not, the option to get paid in Bitcoin is now available.

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