What is my dominant element in astrology?

ILike chemistry and Pokémon, astrology includes several elements. Unlike chemistry and Pokémon, astrological elements are limited to a clean group of four: fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). But don’t close this tab yet, because the astrological elements are not really then simple. Your natal chart includes signs in all the different elements, which means that your predominant elemental energy may not be that which houses your sun sign. So, this can leave you thinking, What is my dominant element, and uh, does it matter?

First, make sure that you understand the elementary composition of your birth chart well. If you don’t already have a birth chart, you can run one online using a astrological generator. Second, understand that knowing what your dominant element is does matter because, essentially, the elements are woven into all aspects of astrology. So knowing your dominant element can help you understand the zodiac wheel and yourself. In addition, the elements can also influence astrological compatibility, creating combinations that are balanced or … decidedly not.

“When you see how your elements balance on a chart and have a predominant elemental energy, you see where your basic mode of operation comes from.” —Astrologist Maria Sofia Marmanides

“When you see how your elements balance on a chart and have a predominant elemental energy, you see where your basic mode of operation comes from,” says the astrologer and tarot reader Maria sofia marmanides. “It’s fire, which means you’re all impetus, passion and enthusiasm? Is it the Earth, where you want practicality, reliability and a steady pace? Are you in the air and looking for mental stimulation and space to think of all the possibilities? Or do you rely more on water and trust your feelings and intuitions? “

So, just as an example, I have the dominant energy of the Earth for being a Taurus sun, Virgo moon and Virgo ascension. Like, I’m practically a tree. The generator explicitly shows that the Earth is almost half of my elemental compound, with less than a quarter of fire and air energy, respectively. I have a bit of a drought on the water side, which means that I base most of my decisions on practicality rather than emotions (and by the way, that doesn’t ever finish well for me, but I digress).

Namely, knowing your dominant element is critical to understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Although you ideally have a somewhat balanced chart, if you are consumed by a certain amount of energy, Marmanides says you can still recognize your strengths and your weaknesses without having to “fix” those weaknesses. And besides, definitely not alone.

“I always suggest that it is better to work with the energy that you have. You don’t have to be everything for everyone – even for yourself, ”says Marmanides. “So it’s okay to say, ‘I have a lot on my side in terms of creative ideation, with all that energy from fire or air, but I need someone to help me add structure.’ Then, look for partners, friends or colleagues who can help you find a firmer foundation. “

This suggestion of seeking elemental balance by surrounding yourself with certain people who can balance you astrologically helps to explain why I have so many Cancer and Scorpio friends (water signs). But if you Does go it alone, understanding the qualities of your elemental opposite can help you highlight specific opportunities for personal growth. Again, the signs of fire and air are coupled, as are Earth and water. Therefore, you can look at their opposite energy and see what they have that you would like to emulate.

“If you have a lot of fire, see where you can incorporate more receptivity to other people’s plans or ideas,” says Marmanides. “If you have a lot of water, ask yourself where you can be more assertive about your own desires and ideas. If you have a lot of Earth, see where you can be less rigid and more spontaneous. And if you have a lot of air, see where you can make a concrete plan and pay attention to details. “

Ultimately, knowing your dominant astrological element is a great way to understand where your temper can take you, but don’t worry about whether your flames need to be fanned or whether the Earth needs a little rain.

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