The Gene Keys Are I Ching Meets Astrology

IIt is always an emotion to decode your personality by different means – Myers-Briggs types, astrological charts, ayurvedic doshas and more. But Genetic Keys are the next level of personality mapping, for when you’ve tried everything and are looking for something new and different. The system, extracted from Genetic keys: revealing the higher purpose hidden in your DNA by Richard Rudd, is a system of personality and transformation along the lines of astrology, but using the 64 archetypes of I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text, instead of the 12 signs of the zodiac. (So, basically, you are one of the 64 archetypes.)

“It maps a person’s psychological and spiritual makeup as printed at birth (like astrology) and suggests that the 64 qualities are therefore imprinted on our DNA,” says the Gene Keys expert Daniel B. Holeman. “According to Epigenetics, DNA is modified based on its environmental contribution.”

The idea of ​​the Genetic Keys is that they are numbered human qualities that are modified based on frequency or their energetic vibration. There is a “Shadow” that is expressed at a lower frequency, while the same quality is expressed as a “Gift” at a higher frequency. So, for example, a characteristic like “Greed” in the Shadow frequency becomes “Aspiration” in the Dom frequency. They are called “keys” because they are considered to be an encoding that can unlock your higher potential and turn your Shadow into a Gift.

“He also emphasizes the transition from Shadow to Present behavior, the Shadow not being ‘bad’, but just an immature expression, and maturation involves authentic evolution to serve the Whole, [or] giving gifts to others – not as something we he must do, but as a natural step in spiritual growth, “says Holeman.” The book can be used in a profound self-investigation, like the Golden Path, or also as an oracle to tune in what can be [happening] at the present moment for a person to contemplate and look. “

So wait, what is the Golden Path? In essence, it is the way to become the most conscious, evolved and complete version of yourself. Which seems like a difficult task, but your first step is as simple as knowing the time of your birth.

Your Gene Keys profile puts you on the Golden Path

“Based on your birth information, there is a profile, or chart, as in astrology, that describes the qualities or themes that are prominent in a person’s life – including their higher purpose and other areas of their unique personality,” says Holeman. “It is the ‘Golden Path’ that illuminates the profile and guides you in the process of using it for transformation and self-realization.”

But how do you access your Gene Keys profile? Super simple: go to official website and enter your birth information, including time, date and location. He will share with you different Gene Keys that focus on things like your life’s work, your evolution, your splendor and your purpose. For example, my life’s work is Gene Key 27, and he shares that my life’s work is “providing support and nutrition to others”, but never at my own expense. Which, incidentally, is extremely correct.

Anyway, if I want to follow this path of self-improvement, the idea is to use the profile as my guide – and there is complementary material to take me there.

“The Golden Path is an experiential process that usually takes months to be covered, that travels through your [path] step by step, “says Holeman.” There are three phases, called ‘Sequences’, as they are made in a specific sequence, like layers of an onion, each with several stages and substeps, with written, audio and video material [supplements]. “

So, let’s briefly enlighten you on what these sequences are before you start your journey.

The activation sequence

This is where it all starts, children. The Activation Sequence is the first phase of the Golden Path and is as simple as reading your keys.

“Once you activate your purpose and establish more ‘central stability’, you are no longer trying to fill that [void] looking for things outside of you, because living your purpose creates real fulfillment from within, “says Holeman.

The Venus Sequence

The Venus Sequence has more to do with getting the job done and “treating the deepest wounds that make us guard our hearts and react in relationships,” says Holeman. “It is [Venus] The sequence takes you deeply to these wounds, so that you are no longer triggered by others in relationships [and] it can remain more stable in your heart, regardless of what life throws at you. “

The Pearl Sequence

“Once you are living more purposefully and with a more solid heart, you move on to the third sequence – the Pearl Sequence,” says Holeman. “It’s about how best to share your unique gifts with the world and live in prosperity.”

“When you follow the steps, it is common for recurring problems to appear or be relived with a new lens.” This clarity is meant to invoke gradual change that creates a higher frequency of you “living your greatest potential with healthy relationships and prosperity,” says Holeman. “The Golden Path is the real treasure, the gold mine of the Genetic Key system.”

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