The 7-year cycle is a life-altering astrological concept

meIf you think back to seven years ago, your life probably looks a lot different now than it did before. And astrologically speaking, this period of time is significant. In astrology, what is known as the seven-year cycle can dramatically change our human reality and existence. Every – you guessed it – seven years, there are shifts and shifts in the cosmos that influence the energies in our lives in important ways. “[The number] seven brands as a catalyst for people’s lives, whether on a collective or personal scale”, says astrologer Sade, who lives in London. Sade, Vixen Astrology.

Two planets, in particular, are associated with the concept of the seven-year cycle: Uranus and Saturn. Below, get an astrologer’s analysis of what the time period means for each planet’s transit and how you can best navigate the sometimes difficult energy of each.

What does the 7-year cycle of Uranus mean?

Uranus changes the sign in which it travels every seven years”, says Sade. “The planet represents liberation and change,” which explains why, as one cycle ends and another begins, our lives can feel shaken. Uranus cycles happen on a collective scale, says Sade, which means everyone can feel the effects.

“Whenever Uranus changes signs, it really takes things one big octave of change.” —Lumi Pelinku, astrologer

Furthermore, it says Lumi Pelinku, astrologer and spiritual advisor, Uranus influences rebellion and innovation. “It’s about really getting to the bottom of the changes around you when things are very stagnant,” she says of the planet. “Whenever Uranus changes signs, it really takes things one big octave of change.”

Uranus moved to Taurus on May 16, 2018 and will stay there until it moves to Gemini on July 8, 2025, Pelinku said. This means that things associated with Taurus and Uranus are being shaken. Taurus represents material goods and concepts, money and abundance, and Uranus is the planet of technology, says Sade. So these two energies are bringing a lot of changes to our financial system and may, in part, explain why cryptocurrency is becoming so important, for example. Since we are only a few years into the current Uranus cycle, we expect the changes to continue.

What does the 7-year Saturn cycle mean?

Saturn can be an aggressive planet, as anyone familiar with the concept of a Saturn return probably already knows. He wants us to grow and evolve into our more authentic selves and encourages us to step into it with a great deal of hard love. With that in mind, Pelinku describes him as our “teacher planet”.

Unlike the seven-year Uranus cycle, which takes place on a collective level, the seven-year Saturn cycles take place on an individual level. The first cycle change comes at the age of seven, when Pelinku says that we begin to understand how authority works and we learn about logic and linear thinking. Next comes 14-year fun, which Pelinku describes as a time when we question our own identity and are challenged by outside influences. At age 21, when many people are preparing to graduate from college and enter the world of work, the Saturn cycle aligns us with our passions.

Then comes the aforementioned Saturn return around age 28, when Saturn returns to the original degree it was in when you were born and you officially enter adulthood, astrologically speaking. “When the Saturn return occurs, that’s when you’re really assuming your own authority,” says Pelinku. “You’re redefining how you want to live your life from there.” This phase is something of a rebirth process, when many go through hard times and tons of growth, which may seem like painful breakups, career change, or serious debt payments.

“The Saturn cycles are about honoring your soul’s journey.” —Health, astrologer

With each seven-year cycle thereafter, you will continue to experience Saturn’s effects in different ways. “The Saturn cycles are about honoring your soul’s journey,” says Sade. “Each seven-year cycle is another step towards finding your purpose. It’s like an evolution of the next phases of our lives. ” Each time Saturn changes to a different cycle, she adds, who you thought you were changes, along with your goals and vision for your life.

3 tips for navigating the 7-year cycle transitions

1. Check your core values

Whether Uranus is shifting to a new sign or you’re entering a new seven-year Saturn cycle to ease the navigation of shifting energies, Sade recommends checking your Core Values ​​and making sure you’re living them. “We can only live on autopilot for so long,” she says.

2. Release what is out of alignment

Seven-year cycles can also serve as a catalyst for letting go of what is no longer in alignment. When the planets enter a new cycle, Sade advises identifying what things in your life are not aligned with your authentic self through tools such as journaling and meditation, and then making the necessary adjustments.

3. Work on understanding other perspectives

Uranus is humanitarian and unity because it traditionally works with the energy of Aquarius, Pelinku said. So, as we navigate this current Uranus cycle, she recommends working on embracing each other’s different viewpoints rather than bringing our ego to the party. “It’s all about mutual elevation at the collective level,” she says of the Uranus cycle. “This is what will move humanity forward.”

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