Shiba Inu petition on Robinhood gets 500K votes, will there be a listing?

Shiba Inu investors are ramping up the pressure on the Robinhood trading platform after a petition to put SHIB on the platform reached 500,000 signatures today.

SHIB petition reaches half a million

The petition from gained 200,000 signatures in less than two weeks after reaching a milestone of 300,000 signatures on October 24.

Before reaching the half-million mark, told the Shiba Inu petition that it was now among the top 50 largest petitions ever in England. The next milestone is 1,000,000 supporters.

The Robinhood Petition was first launched in May 2021 by Shiba enthusiast Tristan Luke. As the petition approached 500,000 signatures, said Luke:

“I think the anticipation has proved just as valuable as a listing. The overwhelming success of this petition shows the world how strong this token is. It has brought people together. Man’s best friend, it seems.”

SHIB currently dominates the crypto section of There are several petitions asking exchanges to support SHIB. In addition, three Shiba petitions for Amazon support have also reached 180,000 supporters.

So, after getting half a million votes, will Robinhood listen?

Will Robinhood List SHIB?

Robinhood has been tight-lipped about its upcoming cryptocurrency offering.

However, a recent report revealed that the company’s crypto product brought in just $51 million. This is a lower amount compared to his second quarter earnings. Since Robinhood has made a lot of money with Dogecoin in the past, it seems likely that they will also add Shiba Inu.

There is, of course, no guarantee that this will happen immediately. Projects like Cardano, Solana and Polkadot currently have higher market caps than SHIB. It could therefore also be that these will be added first.

Aside from Robinhood, SHIB would actually be added to crypto exchange Kraken as well. Earlier this week, the exchange tweeted that it would add Shiba Inu if it reached 2,000 likes. However, after 80,000 likes, Kraken still hasn’t added the token. Instead, it tweeted the following: 2Fshiba-inu-robinhood-petition-500000-supporters-shib-listing%2F

These types of listings, which make Shiba accessible to a wider range of investors, are being pushed by current SHIB investors. They think it can help the price of SHIB skyrocket.

The SHIB price fell more than 50% earlier this week from its all-time high. However, since reaching a low of $0.00004450, the price has been rising again. At the time of writing, the price of 1 SHIB token is around $0.00005965.

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