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Safe Deal works as an advanced P2P platform and is an exchange portal that can be used to exchange cryptocurrency, information and files. Users can use the platform to enable monetary and non-monetary transactions under full protection, anonymity, and accelerated speed. Safe Deal also acts as an escrow service between users to protect the information and ensure the execution of the contract.

Notable Features of Safe Deal

Safe Deal enables buyers and sellers to communicate with each other under highly secure encryption powered by blockchain technology. The user’s account information and access are further secured by a two-factor authentication sequence that limits unwanted account access.

To build trust between the potential buyers and sellers, the existing buyers have access to a rating and review system. Safe Deal is a global platform that offers its services to a wider audience through multilingual support. The buyers and sellers are able to stay connected to the platform via SMS and email notifications. Multiple payment methods have been made available to the users to ensure better access.

The development of the platform will help the users to initiate one-to-one trades without the involvement of a third party. Thus, the users can easily negotiate and execute anonymous deals with each other, with Safe Deal being the sole intermediary who oversees the transaction and has no control over the transaction terms.

Key Benefits of Safe Deal

Safe Deal’s main offering is anonymity. To further promote a trustless and governance-free platform, the users are not required to undergo a KYC. According to the development team, this is to ensure that the users can keep their personal data safe and secure.

Safe and easy deal execution is another advantage of the platform deployed by an escrow service. Safe Deal escrow service has various functions and responsibilities, all of which are performed without any interference. However, the same escrow service also provides a dispute resolution system that can help resolve any issues between the users.

Another advantage of using Safe Deal is that the users can pay all kinds of transaction fees in the native cryptocurrency, SFD.

The role of the SFD currency

The Safe Deal coin or SFD is the main medium of exchange on the platform and helps users conduct anonymous and secure trades. The proprietary coin is used to pay for transaction costs arising from completed transactions, information sharing, and the exchange of goods and services.

The SFD coin is a masternode, and a POS cryptocurrency system with a total coin supply of 10 million. The users can buy the SFD coin on various exchanges. These are Crex24, GravieX, Finexbox, Southexchange and Vault. In addition, the SFD coin is also listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and where you can get detailed statistics about the coin price and investment profit. Many people are already following the project and adding it to their favorites. Join them!

About Safe Deal Trading

Safe Deal is a young project with great potential. Team has many plans for the near development. One of the most exciting will be the bridge from SFD coin to ETH token and back. This will enable the project to enter the Fi sector. Also, the team will begin parallel development of a fully decentralized and automatic p2p exchange based on smart contracts.

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