Ripple (XRP) could soar in 2022

More and more analysts expect that the Ripple price will rise sharply in 2022 and perhaps break its All Time High. Not only because the lawsuit with the SEC will end next year, but also because Ripple will enter the NFT and smart contract world. All of this could fuel a massive XRP rally.

XRP could become the currency of 2022

Over the past few months, investors have massively invested in new crypto tokens. At the same time, old players like XRP have been largely ignored.

Ripple was for a long time the third largest cryptocurrency in the world. However, in the past year, the XRP token has lost many positions. The loss was mainly due to the legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission that erupted in December 2020.

Despite the poor performance, more and more crypto analysts believe that 2022 could be the year of Ripple. Ripple is still one of the fastest networks with regard to cross-border payments. In addition, the company has many collaborations with large banks and companies. When the burden of the lawsuit is lifted off the shoulders, the price could just soar.

Ripple’s foray into a wider crypto landscape

Emerging competition has also not stopped Ripple from developing further. Ripple has expanded its services. Ripple wants to become a platform for smart contracts, apart from sidechains and NFTs.

Still, one of the main triggers for a major XRP price rally in 2022 remains the completion of the lawsuit in 2022. Brad Garlinghouse recently stated that good progress is being made in the lawsuit. He says he expects the lawsuit to be concluded next year.

This could be the starting signal for a huge price increase. This is because investors have been on the sidelines for a long time to wait. In fact, the SEC’s ongoing battle has prevented XRP from participating in the 2021 mega altcoin bull run. And when we compare it to other altcoins, we see that Ripple is 1 of the only ones not to reach an All Time High. this year.