PrimeXBT Introduces Native iOS App: Here’s What Traders Are Saying

When you check the commentary on crypto Twitter, Telegram or any other trading group online, chances are you will see some talk about the recent launch of the PrimeXBT native iOS application.

Amid all the buzz about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies setting new All-Time-Highs, there is debate about what the new app will bring to the trading community, and the different ways users are getting the most out of the experience.

What the trading community says about the PrimeXBT app

Here’s a rundown of traders’ most common thoughts and exactly what they’re talking about regarding the all-new app.

“The user interface is stylish and easy to use.”

In the past, the only way to access the full suite of powerful PrimeXBT features was through a desktop or mobile browser. On a mobile phone screen, while the experience was always powerful, it was clunky to use on the go. Today, that’s no longer the case, as the app now relies on a similar look, feel, function, and layout to the browser-based experience.

Users familiar with PrimeXBT’s quality standard will immediately notice how well the trading platform translates to the native iOS application. New users can immediately pick up and use the tools thanks to an intuitive design.

“So many assets are available from one account!”

This comment is often accompanied by enthusiasm, or tempered skepticism that causes the quote to end with a question mark instead of an exclamation mark. Either the users are pleasantly shocked and divulge the comment to others, or they outright question whether the claim is true because they are incredulous.

Only PrimeXBT offers forex, crypto, stock indices, commodities and more, all from the same account and trading portfolio. There is also a watchlist to all available assets and price charts come complete with indicators and more.

“Covesting copy trading accounts are included.”

At the time of launch, some of the key features related to Covesting, such as starting a new strategy or managing strategies from within the app, are not yet readily available. But what’s included now is enough to get users of the ecosystem excited.

Users of the copy trading module ‘Covesting’ can track the performance of followers or wallets. Over time, all Covesting features will be added, including the new yield account recently launched on PrimeXBT. The native PrimeXBT app already includes the infrastructure to easily add such features in future updates.

“Download the app and rate it with five stars today.”

All they all say is to download the app today to download. Not only do they say that you should give it five stars to support the trading community and app developers, but that using the app can actually make you money.

Users are welcome to report any bugs during the month of launch to participate in a bug bounty program. They will receive rewards for this as there are different prize tiers available depending on the severity of the bug, the order in which the bug was reported and much more. Up to $10,000 is offered just for running into problems, so there’s really only benefit to downloading the app today.

The all new PrimeXBT native iOS app is completely free and available immediately through the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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