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Polybius is a financial company founded and publicly funded in 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. The following year, the team has grown to a team of more than 50 people and has offices in the capital of the European Union – Belgium, Brussels. During this period, the team has designed and developed a world-class strategy and a leading product: the OSOM app.

OSOM is designed as a universal, currency agnostic and legally regulated financial management tool for everyone. As it becomes more and more complicated for investors to understand all the possibilities of the crypto markets, it is sure to gain quite a bit of traction.

The core pillars of the project is the Crypto Autopilot, which algorithmically builds a portfolio of the best performing crypto assets, the DeFi revenue that makes lending in decentralized finance as complicated as making a bank transfer. This also includes a wallet and an exchange. OSOM is also available for businesses that need to manage crypto invoices or intelligently manage their treasuries with decentralized finance.

The team behind the project is composed of individuals with deep expertise in finance, digital innovation, product development and marketing from leading European companies such as Credit Suisse, Solvay, Paxful or Moneygram.

The initial target market for the OSOM app is Europe. There are ambitious plans on the table to distribute the OSOM app across Europe, with OSOM also being licensed in Estonia.

OSOM Finance

OSOM Finance, is your EU-based crypto partner and creator of the Crypto Autopilot, DeFi Earn and Gift. Three highly innovative yet easy-to-use products that take advantage of the vast possibilities in the world of crypto today.

Crypto Autopilot – Put your euros on autopilot! Our Crypto Autopilot uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to convert your deposited Euro funds into a managed crypto portfolio that continuously responds to market fluctuations 24/7 365 days a year.

DeFi Earn – A great way to earn a healthy passive income. One of the most exciting areas in crypto right now is Decentralized Finance or DeFi for short. It is a very complex area where in-depth knowledge is very beneficial. Fortunately, you don’t need to know anything about crypto or DeFi and with interest rates that are so historically low, DeFi Earn offers you a way to earn 6-8% passive income. By passive income we really mean passive!

Gift – At OSOM, they know that it is always a challenge to come up with useful and thoughtful gift ideas. While cash and coupons are practical, they can be a bit boring and impersonal. Why not give Bitcoin as a gift with OSOM Gift? It’s super easy and an ideal way to top up the lucky recipient’s personal Bitcoin stash or get someone started on their own crypto journey!

For more information about OSOM’s exciting project, be sure to visit: https://osom.finance/. For a closer look at the token, please visit: https://polybius.io/

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