New Cooling Technology Could Help Bitcoin Mining Go Green by 2030

A relatively new cooling technology could make a big contribution to the transition to a zero-emission Bitcoin (BTC) mining industry.

Crypto industry green by 2030

According to Hass McCook, member of the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC), believes the crypto industry can be green by 2030.

‘Immersive’ cooling is a form of cooling in which the Bitcoin mining equipment in this case is completely submerged in a special coolant. This liquid then absorbs and recycles the heat that comes from it more efficiently than regular air cooling. Among other things, this significantly increases the productivity of Bitcoin miners.

Riot Blockchain is reportedly the first major mining company to cool its machines in this way. They are going to immerse equipment representing 200 megawatts of capacity in it, at its Whinestone facility. With current data, the company expects the hash rate of these machines to increase by approximately 25%. In theory, however, this can amount to as much as 50% per machine.

Also, the noise of such machines is considerably reduced by immersing them. According to Brian Roemmele, co-host on ‘Around the Coin’ podcast, this could be reduced by up to 95%.

Goal may be reached sooner

According to Roemmele, the Bitcoin mining industry could be close to its green target even by 2024. About this he said the following:

“Bitcoin will be 100% green by 2024. No other system will be greener.”

This makes him a bit more optimistic than McCook. McCook said the following in response to this:

“I really believe it will have zero emissions by 2030, but I think 2024 is a bit ambitious. I think this cooling technology could be part of the transition to green. So in terms of sustainability, you get durability, and you don’t even have to produce that many of these things.”

In addition to improving environmental impact, also lower costs

In addition to a significant improvement in the impact on the environment, this way of cooling also reduces costs. This is because this cooling costs less than the more traditional air cooling. This ultimately ensures that the costs per miner can be reduced, which benefits the profits of the crypto mining companies.

According to McCook, it is therefore only a matter of time before more companies start using this form of cooling. About this he said the following:

“The hard truth is that when you plug your equipment into the wall, you get whatever it is on the other side of that plug. For Bitcoin to truly become zero-emission, the underlying grid must be zero-emission.”

In the below Tweet McCook reiterated the benefit of the new form of cooling for crypto miners.