NAGA coin: One coin for social trading

NAGA Coin (NGC) is a cryptocurrency that aims to become the only social finance coin. NAGA Coin serves as the core fuel element of NAGA Trader, NAGA DeFi and NAGA Social Betting, where it allows users to reduce fees, create smart contracts for copy trading and much more.

NAGA is a social investment platform with a global community of more than 1 million users that aims to revolutionize the world by decentralizing financial technology and providing access to the best market tools for everyone in the world. NAGA provides the technology, resources and assistance every trader needs to make their trading decisions. The platform is best known for its Auto Copy feature which allows traders to copy each other creating a unique social trading environment with numerous benefits for the users. NAGA DeFi and Social Betting are the future projects of the ecosystem that would introduce a social element to betting and on-chain trading.


From day one, NGC was intended to be the utility coin for traders. However, in the course of development, the business and adoption have not worked as expected, leading to a complete restructuring of the company at the corporate level. Given the exclusive use case development, NGC remained inactive.

NAGA successfully completed a turnaround in the company and launched the German FinTech in 2015. In 2017, NAGA was listed on the German stock exchange, and in 2020 it became the best-performing stock in Germany (N4G +600%, from €0.50 to €9 at its peak). Today, the platform offers its users the ability to automatically copy the trading strategies of other investors with the NAGA Autocopy feature. They can enjoy a user-friendly interface, 0% fees on crypto trading, mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as professional support from a personal account manager. The company has over 1m accounts and is on an impressive growth path.

After transforming the company and developing a clear growth strategy, the company is now back with the NAGA Coin project. It now has a brand new use case and integration with one of the largest social commerce networks with a fast growing environment and community.

NAGA is keen to make NGC the premier cryptocurrency for social trading!

To support the growth, NAGA has participated in some notable projects such as Forex Expo 2021 in Dubai as well as gaining several valuable partners such as LaLiga Football Club, Sevilla FC and Porsche GT racer Tio Ellinas. In addition, a $27 million cash injection from Christian Angermayer and Peter Thiel’s fund is planned to be used for the company’s international growth, global presence and extensive marketing activities.

As part of the exclusive partnership with NAGA Coin, one of the main focuses at the moment is the further improvement and development of NAGA Coin (NGC), a utility token designed for social trading, social betting and social on-chain trading. Some of the benefits for NAGA users include lower fees, the ability to create smart contracts, payments for CopyTrading and much more. The business model for the NAGA is based on the adoption of the trading services: the more people use the services, the higher the adoption of the NAGA coin. As such, NAGA’s intentions to invest additional funds in the growth of the user network will provide more scope for adoption and popularization of the NAGA Coin.

Consequences for the sector

Bearing in mind that social commerce is taking on more and more new fans and users, the plans could have a positive impact on the industry in general. NAGA Coin gives exclusive access to social trading services that help those with less experience or time mirror the trading strategies of more experienced users, if brought to on-chain trading it could create a new wave of new entrants to the DeFi trading world.

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