More than half of video game developers are already using blockchain technology

In the United Kingdom (UK), they conducted a study on the blockchain technology in video games. This shows that well over half of game studios (58%) have already started exploring this relatively new technology for their upcoming titles.

Dominant new technology within 2 years

The survey surveyed 197 video game developers from the United States and the United Kingdom. Out of these 197 game companies, 115 of these are said to be already exploring blockchain technology for their upcoming video game titles. 47% of those surveyed would also have already started using NFTs.

The research strongly suggests that video game developers have a lot of faith in blockchain technology and NFTs. Reportedly, two-thirds of those surveyed expect blockchain technology to become dominant within the gaming industry within the next 2 years. However, more than half plan to adopt the technology within 12 months.

New digital worlds and gaming experiences

Blockchain technology could therefore provide new digital worlds and completely new gaming experiences. Chris Trew, the CEO of Stratis, has this to say:

“Historically, games were pay-to-play, and the value only accrued to companies and platforms. Blockchain and NFTs are turning this situation upside down.”

However, it is not entirely unexpected that such a large proportion of video game developers are concerned with this new technology. Several big names such as Epic Games, EA and Ubisoft have already announced their interest in the technology. Epic Games recently announced that it is welcoming blockchain-related games to their platform, unlike Steam which appears not to do so.

Top interests of video game developers

The main interests of game developers currently lie in decentralized finance in games (GameFi), the Play-To-Earn model, NFTs and digital game currencies.

The Play-To-Earn model in particular appears to have a lot of potential. This new way of playing simply rewards video gamers for their time. Chris Trew concludes by saying the following:

“Gamers are passionate. Giving them a chance to have a stake in the game, to be able to make money in the metaverse, just like you can in the real world, is something revolutionary.”

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