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MoonLift Capital is the official rebranding of the BSC project called Moonlift. Moonlift is a project that makes it possible to exchange cryptos through a decentralized exchange. The project also has a cross chain incubator function, which means that it helps to develop other successful projects. Moonlift Capital now wants to become an established name in the DeFi world.

What is MoonLift Capital – MLTPx?

MoonLift Capital is a community-driven protocol that provides passive income to its users by launching a decentralized exchange (DEX) with staking pool, launchpad and NFT marketplace.

MoonLift also wants to help projects further by offering solutions to provide marketing, fundraising and community-building services. In this way, it makes its own network available to emerging projects and can increase market awareness. The former MoonLift had a large community with thousands of members active on twitter and telegram.

How is MoonLift Capital – MLTPx protocol constructed?

MoonLift Capital consists of more than just swapping tokens or providing liquidity for these swaps.

On the 2.0 version of the DEX, a token launchpad, NFT marketplace and MLTPx staking place will be created. These make the DEX the perfect place to launch new projects.

So that means you can do the following on MoonLift Capital’s new DEX;

  • Design your own unique swaps
  • Being able to strike MTLPx
  • Enter NFT Marketplace
  • Join IDOs


The founders of MoonLift Capital associate their name and reputation with the project. They do this consciously to create an open and transparent atmosphere and to gain extra trust from their investors.

MoonLift Capital was founded by Logino Dujardin, the former CEO of DeFi project Safe Haven. The co-founders are Richie Fallclis, who was active on the team of the crypto exchange Oceanex and Jordi Murset, who has experience in front-end development and thus has a good view of possible improvements to user interface (UI).


The roadmap of the project can be seen above. In the distant future, MoonLift Capital will expand its range into holding an NFT marketplace and token launchpad.


MoonLift Capital can count on the support of numerous partners and advisors. One of the largest partners is the DeFi start-up guide launch zone. Moonlift Capital will be able to provide new projects to Launchzone as a cross chain incubator and thus offer them an advantaged position to hold their token launch.

Another big news is the collaboration with BSC news. This is a news platform where you can read everything that is happening on the Binance Smart Chain, reaching millions of followers. That’s very interesting for Moonlift Capital’s marketing.

Furthermore, Moonlift Capital entered into a strategic partnership with the American company Midgard Technologies LLC. One of the largest blockchain development and security companies that will help build the underlying infrastructure.

MoonLift Capital also hires two experts to assist them with specific advice. Amy Adoniz, a member of Best Buy’s Customer Centricity team, will help the project conduct customer research on NFTs.

Mike Parra With his 36 years of experience with some major players in the logistics and transport industry, will provide assistance by making connections for MoonLift Capital.

Through these developments in partnerships, MoonLift Capital will increasingly be associated with large influential networks, which have the potential to be valuable.

white paper

For a detailed explanation of how the MoonLift protocol works, we would like to refer you to the whitepaper on the official site of MoonLift capital. The protocol was audited by both certificate if hacking.


The MLTPx token has the token standard BEP20. In the near future, the token will also be launched on multiple blockchains. In this way, it can extend its reach and users can take advantage of even lower gas fees (transaction costs).


The Moonlift Protocol’s tokenomics are designed to reward long-term investors. For example, MLTPX token holders will have the right to a place on private sales.

A fee will also be charged on every transaction made via the MoonLift Dex is performed (0.2%). This is considerably lower than the fee on Pancake Swap (0.25%).

This fee eventually finds its way back to protocol in the following three ways.

  • 0.05% goes back to MLTPx liquidity providers (LPs) via ‘automatic reflection’.
  • 0.03% is used to replenish the MoonLift treasury. This will be used to sponsor and shape future incentives.
  • 0.12% goes back to the MoonLift Protocol wallet, which will burn the tokens to remove them from circulation and reduce the supply.

In addition to the current fee mechanism, 10% of MoonLift Capital’s earnings serve to buy back and burn more tokens. The combustion will take place completely on-chain and transparently.

Total Supply: 87,500,000,000 MLTPx
Circulating supply 70,000,000,000 Mltp

Token allocation

  • Team: 10% (Burned)
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Liquidity & Exchanges 30%
  • Legal: 5%
  • Advisor: 5%
  • Company Reserve: 15%
  • MoonLift Dex LP: 15%

Seed Sale: 0.00006
Public Sale: 0.0001

The MLTPx token is currently tradable on its own Moonlift Capital DEX.

It official contract address is 0x9d7c580e0bc4ea441db96eebc7e1440d264bce51

The token is also for sale on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain). This will expand to multiple blockchains in the future.

Buyers of the token will immediately enter a Tier system. That based on their number of tokens they own bring benefits. More info can be found below.

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