Learn the Astrology of Dreams with AstroDreamwork

IIf you are looking for astrological connections at all times in your waking life, you may be interested in exploring how the zodiac can interact with your sleep. If that’s the case, get to know the mystical structure of dream interpretation called AstroDreamwork. AstroDreamwork is, wait, the astrology of dreams simple to understand, or a way of interpreting using its astrological element.

“The language of astrology helps us not only to understand ourselves, but the moments in which we live and dream and, as such, can help us to translate the meaning of our dreams”, says Stephanie Gailing, astrologer, wellness consultant and author of The complete book of dreams. “Our dreams help us access the deep wisdom that resides in our unconscious, which can provide us with more insights that allow us to improve what we can learn about ourselves through our astrological chart. “

Both astrology and dreams are really just methods for accessing our self-consciousness and psyche. Used wisely, they can forge a deeper sense of self-awareness, and AstroDreamwork skillfully synergizes these dual methods of inner work. After all, the Freudian dream interpretation is that it is our subconscious mind sending messages about our desires, albeit in a somewhat distorted and distorted way. And if your sun sign (and nascent sign, and lunar sign, and all the lamps) are constantly in your mind, why wouldn’t they manifest in your dreams?

Why and understanding the elements and the new moons is an important basis for dream astrology

The astrological elements essentially explain your temperament, or the way you compose yourself: fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). AstroDream’s work involves identifying symbols related to your sign, by element, and ideally matching them with what is happening in the dream. If the image is violent or negative, it is an indication that your lower elementary qualities may be showing, or you are simply in a bad situation.

AstroDream’s work involves identifying symbols related to your sign, by element, and ideally matching them with what is happening in the dream.

As a useful tip for interpreting your dreams using astrology, Gailing suggests that you pay extra attention to any dreams you may have during the new moon, because it is a wonderful time to renew your energy and set your intentions. “See which insights [dreams] may be generating growth seeds that you can plant right now, “says Gailing.” Enhance what they contain and that can focus on the domains of your life that you want to expand and give birth to. “

How to understand dream astrology with AstroDreamwork

Fire signs

Fire signs want to look for things that increase the heat. If you are seeing images that invoke warm and welcoming feelings, it means that you are on the right track.

“Some ways in which fire could appear constructively in our dream include images of ovens or stoves in which we are making food,” says Gailing. “Other images can also be fires that provide us with heat. Any image that reflects the nutritional or alchemizing properties of fire can be constructive.”

On the other hand, any disturbing image of hellfire can mean bad news for fire signs. The fire that is super destructive, that burns, chars and destroys in dreams can be cause for concern. For example, if you are a Sagittarius unsure of your job, you may have a dream that you are roasting marshmallows with your co-workers, showing that you can survive if you trust your colleagues. But if you dream that your office building is on fire, for example, it can show that you are overreacting in your hot head, not leaning towards the naturally nourishing quality of your sign. “If an image like this is a recurring theme – and we have a significant display of fire energy on our graph – it indicates that we should pay attention to the excessive expression of these fiery qualities,” says Gailing.

Earth signs

The earth signs want to look for images related to nature. Flowers, trees, animals, the land and any beautifully constructed structures. You can also look for containers, pottery, soil – anything you can plant a seed in.

“One way the Earth could appear that could disturb or frighten us would be the weight of the Earth pressing on us,” says Gailing. “[This could look like] being under a pile of stones, the walls approaching us, or feeling really heavy, like under the weight of excessive gravity. “

So, how can Earth’s conflict appear in a dream? Let’s say you are a Taurean and recently challenged your fixed nature and moved to a new city. Dreaming of planting a tomato garden on the windowsill while Jeff Goldblum massages your feet (don’t judge) means you’re in the right space to grow. But if you have lived in the same city for five years and imagine a stone nailing your dress to the floor, it could mean that you should consider fighting the fear of change and uprooting yourself.

Air signs

Air signs look for fun and effervescent energy. “Some ways in which air can appear constructively in our dreams include a cool breeze, beautiful balloons floating in the sky, a dancing kite, lively and engaging conversations, or a technology device that produces important solutions effortlessly,” says Gailing.

In the meantime, beware of strong gusts of wind that divert you from the center, incessant conversations or technology devices that have their own opinion. For example, let’s say you are a Gemini who reserves dates at Hinge every night, trying to find love or something like that. If you’re dreaming, you’re not flying a kite, but you we are the kite (because dreams can be very strange), worry about it. This may mean that you are leaning towards the most volatile qualities of your air sign when dating, instead of those higher, witty, and intellectual traits that would allow you to find someone you really connect with.

Water signs

Some ways in which water can appear constructively in the dreams of water signs include a beautiful pool, effortlessly surfing the waves, drinking some delicious drinks or swallowing curative liquid elixirs. Gailing warns that tsunamis, images of drowning, leaks in the house or faucets that never stop dripping are bad news.

For example, let’s say you are a Cancer and have feelings to someone. Your emotions are always in disarray, so you can’t really determine if that person is good for you, or something else far, far away. If you dream that you are swimming at night in a beautiful lake in the interior of the state, congratulations. It could mean that you have found your soul mate! In the meantime, if you dream that you are drowning them while wearing a hockey mask … yes, it could mean that you are stifling the chance of a beautiful relationship.

But who knows? When it comes to astrology and dreams, it all depends on interpretation, don’t you think?

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