JP Morgan CEO: ‘Bitcoin is worthless, our customers think differently’

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has once again made his stance on Bitcoin clear. However, clients of the largest investment bank in the US are much less bearish.

Bitcoin is ‘fraud’ and ‘fool’s gold’

Despite a 17% rise in Bitcoin (BTC) price over the past week, one crypto bear remains unenthusiastic. “Personally, I think Bitcoin is worthless”. This said Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, at the annual meeting for the Institute of International Finance. It is the latest in a succession of bearish statements from Dimon over the years.

Dimon started in 2014 when he CNBC told that Bitcoin was “a terrible store of value”. He also said that the cryptocurrency “can be replicated over and over again”.

Over the years, he has called the cryptocurrency “fraud” and “fool’s gold.” These comments obviously did not go down well with Bitcoin enthusiasts.