How I Use Black Moon Lilith Astrology for Empowerment

For as long as I can remember – long before the astrological and spiritual path found me – I felt extremely intuitive. It was normal, natural and easy for me to have access to hidden information (my sun, Mercury and Pluto are in Scorpio) or to have a deeper understanding of the truth in the situations around me. I may not always have heard this information, but it was there, either in the form of prophetic dreams or in the ability to access other people’s thought patterns during conversations.

Growing up, I channeled my intuition into creative activities; I studied and played classical violin for years and, for most of my twenties, I worked in sectors focused on aesthetics, such as beauty and fashion. I have always managed to pursue my goals with vigor and energy, even in the face of the suppressions and micro-aggressions that I experienced in my professional life as a black woman. I owe this strength to my matriarchal lineage and to the black women who taught me by example – a reality that is deeply reflected in my astrological chart.

Black Moon Lilith is a divine female archetype in ancient biblical mythology, which is also an archetype used to describe energy in astrology. The truth behind the archetype is shrouded in mystique, and this is appropriate because it is the dark self and the energy that are deeply repressed in individual life. The location I use is the lunar apogee, or the furthest point from the lunar orbit. It is not a planet, but the dark emptiness of the moon. My first home of self and identity connects with my moon, adding this dark feminine struggle to who I am and to the women in my family line.

My paternal grandmother, Adama (whose name she gave me) is from Freetown, Sierra Leone, a small, beautiful country on the west coast of Africa. She worked to send my father, uncle and aunts to the UK and the United States to have more prosperous opportunities than they would have at home. Sierra Leone was a British colony at the time (it gained independence in 1961 and became a republic in 1971), and my family was economically exploited there, so my grandmother insisted that her children move.

In the 1940s and 50s, my maternal grandmother was the first in her family to attend a four-year college. She became the first black teacher in a school district with a white majority. She made a point of sharing the truth behind our ancestry and integrating black history into her lesson plans. Because of her strength to resist racism and the challenges as a working black woman during the civil rights movement, her students left the classroom and went out into the world more awake than other students.

Astrology gave me the model I needed to heal my divine black feminine and regain my power through Lilith.

When I looked at the experience of other women in my family, I constantly hear their stories of being paid less, not being respected, or having to work harder than others. It was my story too, but through astrology and my spiritual practice, I realized that this was an ancestral karmic cycle that I needed to change in this life. Astrology gave me the model I needed to heal my divine black feminine and regain my power through Lilith. It does not mean that these things do not happen to me, but they do not prevent me from showing better opportunities. This is another reason why I choose – and I also encourage my clients – to be an independent entrepreneur or go after this rush to regain that power.

It is a false belief that people from all backgrounds and cultures cannot feel empowered by the story of a black female archetype. My grandmother’s impulse and inspired action is an example of how women of my lineage go against the tide, despite facing obstacles such as oppression. This is the strong protective energy of the mother I grew up with, and when I share the nuggets of wisdom I gained from my experience with my clients, it encourages them to find their own intuition and power within themselves.

Each woman in my family was a pillar of strength and alchemy, constantly turning lemons into lemonade. I know of no other way to be, as a result of seeing how they not only survive, but work to thrive in a world that was not built for them. I am grateful for that and, without them, I would not have had the courage to be where and be who I am today.

Each astrologer brings his own perspective and point of view in his readings, and mine is through the lens of being a black American woman.

My astrological work is Lilith Astrology, named after the dark female archetype in Astrology. Her experience covers not only women in my family, but also black women who face repression in terms of race and gender. The wisdom I share from my experience and intuition, integrated with my knowledge of astrology, can be tremendously healing for all of humanity. Each astrologer brings his own perspective and point of view in his readings, and mine is through the lens of an American black woman. Lilith can represent suppression, but this position can also be the best teacher and a powerful tool in the healing of the divine feminine that is within everyone.

In terms of your personal map, understanding the full depth of the dark goddess story can help bring limitations to the light to change unfavorable patterns in your life. Lilith is the ultimate shadow job. Shadow work is essentially when you bring trauma and unconscious experiences to the light to heal. This is not just what you did for me, but I was able to feel more empowered as the creator of my own reality. It is my life’s work to spread the knowledge I have acquired through healing to strengthen humanity.

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