Finance Astrology Secrets: Create Your Money Horoscope

How to create your money horoscope using finance astrology

Many people dream about getting rich. There are many theories and tips on how to become wealthy. Some specialists recommend to invest actively. Those who lost money in the stock market argue with them. Other people believe that hard work is the secret of success.

So, is there a silver bullet? Finance astrology may help.

Why standard approach does not work

Finance astrology takes account of your personality traits and even your specific “money channel”, while business coaches usually preach a one-size-fits-all approach. People who trust (and pay) business coaches may fall outside the scope of those who benefit from their recommendations.

Finance astrology algorithm

Millions of training sessions and smart books cost the following single (and simple) statement: each of us should find our own individual recipe for success and wealth. Let’s call it our money mission or success algorithm. If a universal key to success existed, it would have been already found.

The birth card initially contains a code, a certain algorithm of actions that a person performs to achieve results: increasing income, creating a profitable business, reaching a new level of life. Every birth chart has its own key to success. The task of finance astrology is to find this key.

In this article, we’ll consider the main secrets of finance astrology.

Secret 1. Your sign on the second house cusp

The zodiac sign of the 2nd house cusp is responsible for your wallet and shows how you need to handle money to increase your profit: save, or vice versa, spend more. Often, astrologers ignore this indicator. This is a big mistake.

In finance astrology, the 2nd house cusp plays a huge role. It also shows the main areas of potential income. For example, the 2nd house cusp in Taurus—native needs to save, be even a bit greedy, plan all expenses.

Profit areas: beauty, body care, massage, comfort, food, clothing.

The 2nd house cusp in Aries — the more you spend, the more money you get. The native is recommended to take risks and seek quick returns.

Profit areas: sports, military activities, surgery, weapons, working with metal, ideas, and creativity.

As you can see, the two examples are two completely different approaches.

Secret 2. Consider the planets inside the 2nd house of your birth chart

Finance astrology considers every detail. The planets inside the 2nd house show additional sources of income or expenditure, planetary energies that you should definitely apply in the field of making money. Otherwise, you’ll encounter problems.

For example, if your Neptune in the second house, you should earn money in the spheres ruled by this planet: cosmetics, illusion, photography, mysticism, cinema, music, creativity, esotericism.

Otherwise, Neptune can erode your savings, create unforeseen and confusing situations related to financial losses.

A planet in your second house may indicate:

  • Additional source of income
  • What can harm or help your wallet
  • A sphere for creating a profitable business
  • How to treat money so that it increases

Secret 3. Consider Venus and Pluto

Finance astrology considers two main planets—Venus and Pluto. Together, they show monetary energy in different states.


  • banknotes in your wallet,
  • money on your credit card,
  • any money you can spend quickly

The position of Venus in your birth chart indicates where and how you can quickly earn pocket money. For example, Venus in Gemini—quick earnings from writing articles, information handling, lite Internet projects.


  • investments, stocks and deposits,
  • money invested in real estate,
  • business,
  • everything that can give a potential income

The house in which Pluto is placed is a potential sphere of wealth and great opportunities. For example, Pluto in the 4th house—real estate and land, Pluto in the 5th house—launching your own projects or writing a book, Pluto in the 10th house—infobusiness, teaching.

But if the native does not realize the money of Venus and the 2nd house of the birth chart, the riches of Pluto are not available to the native. You need to grow up to the level of this planet consciously. Which is a good reason to start changing your life today.

Indicators for winning the lottery in the birth chart

As a bonus, I’ll give you more formulas for winning a large amount of money in a casino or lottery. It is necessary to consider the planets that are related to money and unexpected events (such as winning the lottery):

Venus—natural ruler of money in general;

Pluto—huge funds, joint finance;

Jupiter – the planet of luck, which always increases and multiplies everything;

Uranus—the planet of surprises and rapid changes.

Favorable aspects between these planets, as well as connection the Sun and the Moon by means of aspects, indicate the possibility of getting rich, while tense aspects, on the contrary, indicate loss of money.

They must be located in the right houses:

1st—I and my ability to act,

2nd—my money,

5th—the house of gambling,

8th—other people’s money,

9th—the house of providence,

11th—the house of our ideal future.

Predictive astrology can show the period in which a win is most likely to occur. Carefully observe transits, directional and progressive planets of your birth chart. When Uranus and Jupiter are transiting through the planets and houses where the money “resides” in your natal chart, do not miss the moment of the exact aspects and act, e. g. buy a lottery ticket.

If you want to dramatically improve your financial situation, you need to learn how to read your birth chart. And this requires a special astrological talent.

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