Company that bought $1.5 million in SHIB is now suing Shiba Inu team

According to “Ask the Doctor” Shiba Inu is a fraudulent scheme because the founders have never revealed their identities.

From approval to denial

Until yesterday, Toronto-based healthcare company, Ask the Doctor, appeared to be a crypto-friendly company that supports various cryptos. In early December, it bought 31 billion Shiba Inu tokens worth about $1.5 million. However, the company’s support for the memecoin did not last long.

The fact that the founders of Shiba Inu have not revealed their real identities shows that the project is a scam. So claimed Ask the Doctor. Ask the Doctor even goes a step further and wants to go to court.

Why doesn’t @ShytoshiKusama reveal herself? Easier for scammers to hide from law enforcement and people coming after you? $shib is a scam #shibarmy, 1% are real and brainwashed and 99% are bots.

In the hours that followed, Ask the Doctor launched a manifesto and the company posted numerous tweets about Shiba Inu. In one of the tweets, the company revealed that it had sent emails to crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and CryptoCom. They did this to get the Shiba Inu removed from their platforms.

The healthcare company even claimed that the makers of Squid Game (SQUID) had “laundered” some of their fraud proceeds by purchasing Shiba Inu tokens. The change in their stance is somewhat surprising, as Ask The Doctor has been a proponent of memecoins for the past few months.

In November, Dogecoin allowed users to pay for medical assistance. Shortly after, the company asked the community if they wanted to expand its crypto offerings. That’s why they added Floki Inu and Shiba Inu as payment methods. The vast majority of poll participants voted in favour, with “Ask the Doctor” tweeting:

“Looks like we should add SHIB too, long live the memes!”

Shiba Inu adoption continues to grow

Ask The Doctor knew that the Shiba Inu team was anonymous when they decided to buy the $1.5 million worth of SHIB.

Despite the legal war it could start with Ask the Doctor, Shiba Inu adoption has continued to grow in recent months. A few weeks ago, Luxembourg-based digital asset trading platform Bitstamp enabled its users to trade SHIB against the US dollar and the euro.

Shortly after, Spanish crypto exchange Bit2Me and Indian platform Unocoin also added the memecoin due to increased customer interest.

AskTheDoctor removes negative SHIB tweets

Today, however, AskTheDoctor’s statements about Shiba Inu have been removed from twitter. The account even sent out a tweet expressing its condolences to the founder of SHIB.