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CODI Finance at a glance

CODI Finance is a completely open and decentralized ecosystem, with three unique offerings, including a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, and a cross-chain initial DEX offering (IDO) launch pad. Built on the Solana blockchain, the CODI protocol ensures that the decentralized finance (DeFi) offering is secure, highly scalable, and also interoperable.

The Solana-based all-in-one DeFi protocol aims to build a progressive ecosystem where users can get DeFi products faster and cheaper within the Solana ecosystem.

The CODI multifunctional ecosystem

The CODI ecosystem comes with three (3) primary features, giving the protocol an edge over most platforms in the entire DeFi space. Below you will find an overview of the protocol’s unique offers.

NFT marketplace for artists and collectors

CODI plans to launch a marketplace specifically for NFTs, which will allow collectors and artists to easily and securely trade NFTs. In addition, the use of the Solana blockchain allows the protocol to worry less about slow transaction times and high gas costs like Ethereum’s current blockchain. This allows users to expect efficient NFT trading including digital assets on CODI.

CODI’s NFT market launch will enhance the growth and development of the NFT ecosystem on Solana and through other networks. In short, the protocol plans to deploy the Solana network to provide users with an efficient and smooth NFT marketplace with extremely low gas costs and high transaction speed.

CodiSwap DEX

CodiSwap is the native DEX of the CODI ecosystem. It is built on Solana’s blockchain to provide users with fast transactions and lower fees. CodiSwap, like the NFT marketplace, is on the way. It is a fully decentralized exchange platform that allows users to exchange/trade virtual tokens, trade cryptocurrencies, transfer funds between wallets, deploy crypto assets and ensure market liquidity.

IDO Launch Pad

CODI’s IDO launch pad, also known as COPad, is one of the key components of the Solana-based ecosystem. The IDO launch pad licenses crypto projects to sell tokens prior to their launch.

Unlike other launch pads that don’t offer a guaranteed spot, the CODI launch pad is for everyone. The goal of CODI is to create a build a fully decentralized IDO launch pad where anyone can invest at any time. This as long as the IDO is running. In addition, DeFi projects will use the launch pad to more effectively raise funds from dedicated investors.

In addition, the protocol also plans to implement a fully automated reward system, with the goal of getting more DeFi enthusiasts to provide liquidity to projects on the launch pad.

The $CODI Token

The $CODI token is the native cryptocurrency of the protocol that powers the ecosystem, including CodiSwap. $CODI is an SPL-based asset and serves as the protocol’s governance token to community-driven ecosystem.

Holders of $CODI can wager their holdings and earn additional income from trading fees. The protocol designed its stakeout levels to provide simplicity for users. As such, users can freely claim their wagering rewards. The different bet levels with bet amount and annual percentage return (APY) are:

● Bronze Level: Bet Amount < 2,000 $CODI with 4.8% APY
● Silver Level: Bet Amount < 30,000 $ CODI with 6.4% APY
● Gold Level: Bet Amount < 225,000 with 8.5% APY
● Diamond Level: Bet Amount < 300,000 with 9.6% APY
● Challenger Level: Bet Amount < 500,000 with 11.5% APY

In exchange for CODI, each striker gets xCODI. This shows you how much you have wagered and can then be used to determine both your original wager amount and your winnings. Each holder also gets the chance to win more tokens or other prizes. Your chances of winning are determined based on the number of tickets you own.

In addition, the xCODI can be used for governance and other incentives while the CODI is deployed. In our ecosystem, smart contracts will be used to create common understanding and transparency.

Token Attributes

Token Name: Codi Finance
Blockchain: Solana
ticker: $CODI
Total offer: 330.000.000
Product development: 82,500,000 (25%)
Employees and activities: 66,000,000 (20%)
To reserve: 49,500,000

Private sales and IDO

The private sale of $CODI is currently underway. It was previously announced on the Twitter page and will end on November 14, 2021. In addition, the protocol will launch its IDO on November 7. CODI tweeted the following on October 27, 2021:

“Just a reminder about our current Private Sale! Make sure you learn everything there is to know about $CODI. Visit or contact the Sales Team at if you want to participate.”

According to the Tweet, users should use the CODI website or contact the sales team by email at to participate in the ongoing private sale.

CODI Finance integrates with Chainlink

In an effort to secure its cross-chain IDO pools, futures protocol and stakeout pools, CODI Finance has integrated Chainlink’s Price Feeds. Chainlink is the leading decentralized oracle network in DeFi, and the partnership will help ensure fair market exchange rates on CODI’s IDO pools. CODI confirmed the integration via Medium and Twitter on October 27.

“This is the moment you have all been waiting for! We’ve strengthened our bond with @Chainlink over the past month. Oracle solutions will be integrated into our Dex Launchpad protocol,” CODI tweeted

The goal of CODI Finance is to become the leading cross-chain, decentralized IDO launch pad for upcoming DeFi projects. The integration of Chainlink’s Price Feeds is a huge step towards achieving this goal.

“To secure our IDO starter pools, we need access to new asset prices delivered directly into the chain in a very reliable manner. In addition, fair asset prices in the market should reflect a volume-weighted average of all trading environments. So we had to use an oracle to retrieve aggregated price data off-chain and deliver it on-chain to be consumed by our application,” CODI explained on Oct. 27 via Medium the importance of integration with Chainlink.

Consult them blog post to read full details about the integration.

Why CODI Finance?

CODI has created a progressive ecosystem where new projects can flourish, connect to their target market and gain liquidity. The DEX–CodiSwap is also an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows users to easily trade and exchange their cryptocurrencies using a liquidity pool.

Building on Solana also ensures speed and low transaction costs. Thus, users can access decentralized financial products with high speed and low costs.

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