Caizcoin is the general sponsor of Blockchain Life 2021

Caizcoin is a DeFi company and also the first cryptocurrency to adhere to Islamic financial laws. Caizcoin works on the Caizchain, a blockchain with minimal transaction costs. The moral values ​​that appeal to all religions and ethnicities enhance the experience with Caizcoin.

Caizcoin the shining star of the events

London Event:

Last September, there was an event in London where Caizcoin, the first cryptocurrency-compliant cryptocurrency, presented a new way to bridge the Islamic and contemporary world using Islamic financial principles. The event in London was a huge success for the Caizcoin cause. Many groups agreed with them and chose to work together to build a better society. The Caizcoin Team will also be in Tashkent and Moscow for events.

Tashkent Event:

On October 21, 2021, an event will be held in Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which will showcase Caiz Holding AG. Here will be presented the most practical approach to DeFi in the current active crypto space. Caiz Holding AG believes in the lifting of initiatives that struggle to create sustainable financial resources and social values ​​through targeted investments and dynamic character.

Moscow Event:

Caiz Holding AG will shed light on their remarkable achievement in the cryptocurrency world on October 27-28 in Moscow at the Music Media Dome event; they will talk about how to become the first Islamic-compatible cryptocurrency and let the world experience the most reliable, transparent, robustly seamless transactions worldwide.

Caizcoin can provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to Wall Street and major banking institutions by removing the need for resources such as paper contracts and office space.

During the Blockchain Life 2021 event at Music Media Dome, the Caizcoin team will be there to sponsor the first Islamic compliant cryptocurrency to educate people about DeFi, which has developed ancient ways of transactions and introduced us to smart ones. contracts that it replaced financial institutions, which will help all of humanity to have the most seamlessly smooth transparent services ever worldwide with just a single click.

Caiz Holding AG helps companies grow

Caiz Holding AG believes in lifting others, because that is the true quality of a great leader. Caizcoin, the most important revolution for showing Islamic finance and its sincere spirit to the general public worldwide.

Even if your project struggles to generate long-term financial resources for your stakeholders, our company can drive projects to generate long-term economic and social benefits through targeted investment and dynamic nature.

What makes Caizcoin unique?

Caizcoin is another, moral and unique Islamic financial idea of ​​cryptocurrency. Caizcoin differs from other cryptocurrencies because the concept is designed to serve the interests of the investor and consumer, following the rules and regulations of the ISLAM. Although the primary focus is on customer needs, caring, personal and transparent services are provided using cryptocurrencies.

Caizcoin is a legal payment method for everyone around the world. Their goal is to use the profits for individual benefit while also applying the concept of zakat to help those in need. Caizcoin offers low transaction fees and allows the clients to trade smoothly worldwide.

It can process up to 3000 transactions per second in each ledger and also generates a new ledger every 5 seconds. Each transaction takes between 0 and 3 seconds to complete.

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