Bosagora: An Open Decentralized Blockchain That Ensures Transparency

About Bosagora

The BOSAGORA platform is a decentralized self-evolving cryptocurrency built on Trust Contracts and an embedded decision-making system called the Congress Network. Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based on a protocol layer. Bosagora aims to provide an efficient, securely designed smart contract engine and an easy to develop language with many tools and popularity for easy adoption by developers.

The Congress Network is the decision-making body in the BOSAGORA platform that resolves governance issues that arise in decentralized organizations. Through a clearly defined and automated governance system, Bosagora aims to continuously evolve the community and the software into a more anti-fragile ecosystem. The Congress Network follows the rule of one vote for one node. In other words, it promotes DAO where all node administrators have equal rights to vote without delegation of voting rights or election of a delegate.

The Commons Budget is a BOA asset where a certain amount of BOA is accumulated when a block is created and 30% of the transaction cost is accumulated continuously. Its use is requested through a proposal in the Congressional Network, and it is approved through the Congressional Network’s vote.

T-Fi is a DeFi platform operated within the BOSAGORA platform. Based on a structure that connects blockchain to the real economy through loans, T-Fi promotes a broader concept of DeFi where fairness and disclosure are ensured. T-Fi is an innovative business model that creates stable and high profits by converging the BOA currency with real economy products from around the world.


Recently, cryptocurrency has been establishing its position as an alternative currency thanks to the expansion of national currencies and the expansion of the digital ecosystem. It is expanding as the foundation is solidified with an influx of large funds from the conventional financial sector, such as large-scale hedge funds, institutional investors and insurance companies, as it is used as a hedge against declining returns on investments in the conventional financial sector, a hedge against excessive monetary supply and a hedge against inflation.

As the foundation for cryptocurrency continues to grow stronger, the expansion of cryptocurrency financing into the real economy domain is an essential element for expanding its foundation. In response, BOSAGORA plans to provide an environment where humanity can enjoy a service for safer and more convenient economic activity by using cryptocurrency. By connecting the traditional financial field, where only legal tenders are used, with cryptocurrency, we aim to achieve real finance (T-Fi: True Finance) through blockchain, bringing us one step closer to BOSAGORA’s goal of creating a better world. to make.

BOSAGORA wants cryptocurrency to be implemented in a more complete form in the human economy. There are conditions that must be met in order to set up a true financial system that is complete with the implementation of cryptocurrency.


It must be able to approximate the different real economies that exist. It should be possible to participate in a range of areas where financial values ​​can be created, including stocks, real estate, equity ownership, private equity funds, loans, and so on. Financing is an economic activity that creates profit by borrowing and lending money based on trust. Most loan applicants in the real economy are people who need the legal tenders. While it is possible to get a loan in cryptocurrency, it would only be viable for them if securitization to legal tender is possible.


For the vitalization and expansion of the ecosystem, a reward that is far removed from the nature of the financial product should not be the motivation for participation. A model must be built that creates profit from the economic activity itself. If non-essential and temporary rewards become the main motivation for participation, there is a risk that the number of participants will decrease drastically as the price of the rewarded coin fluctuates. There is also a risk that the ecosystem itself will be deformed. It is possible to keep the ecosystem healthy and perpetuated forever when there are more participants motivated by the profits from economic activity.

Through the next-generation economic business model T-Fi, BOSAGORA plans to build a true financial system in its entirety and expand cryptocurrency financing into the realm of the real economy. T-Fi is a DeFi platform that is operated within the BOSAGORA platform. T-Fi has a structure where blockchain is connected to the real economy through loans, promoting a broader concept that guarantees fairness and disclosure. T-Fi is an innovative business model that creates more stable and higher profits by converging BOA coin and the real economy products of the world. For more information about the BOA coin, read BOSAGORA’s white paper here.

BOSAGORA launches “The MetaCity Forum”

BOSAGORA has proclaimed a “MetaChain”, a blockchain optimized for the Metaverse environment due to its flash layer, enabling secure, accurate, fast and low-cost transactions. In addition, BOSAGORA plans to build a Metaverse ecosystem by partnering with top-level technology companies, Aiitone, Uracle, and BRI to create a blockchain-based Metaverse called “MetaCity”. As chairman of the MetaCity Forum, BOSAGORA strives to build the largest metaverse ecosystem together with various domestic and foreign companies, brands and governments.

Metaverse developers and blockchain specialists were present at the MetaCity Forum, such as the aforementioned AIITONE, Uracle, the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), and BOSAGORA. The companies will work together to create the MetaCity that combines the metaverse ecosystem with blockchain. The metaverse market is receiving increasing public attention as the realm of contactless activity has expanded due to COVID-19 and the majority of economically active generations are being digitized. You can download the press release here read.

BOSAGORA Completed CoinNet Feature Development

Cutting-edge blockchain BOSAGORA has reached another milestone: CoinNet functionality development completion. Now that CoinNet’s functional development is complete, the development code will be audited by a third-party auditor.

We have seen quite effective projects in the blockchain industry in recent years and many new developments that make cryptocurrencies important to the market. Achieving the same goal for the BOSAGORA token is our common goal, which is why we worked on development and marketing after starting the project.

BOSAGORA is a public blockchain that values ​​transparency and openness. We strive for a decision-making platform that everyone can participate in, build a sufficiently decentralized network and collect opinions from BOA holders to select and support proposals, such as business models that are useful to the ecosystem. And in the ensuing process, by attracting companies with value and profitability, controlling short-term inflation, or increasing the value of BOAs through business performance, we want to benefit holders and further expand the ecosystem.

We would like to take a look at the successful strategy of the BOSAGORA team, how we developed it, and how we can integrate it into the preparation process needed for the release of CoinNet in the future.

The functions developed for CoinNet are listed, and how these functions can be integrated during the preparation process necessary for the release of CoinNet can be seen at the following page.

For more information about BOSAGORA’s exciting project, please visit:

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