Astrology of Thanksgiving 2020 Says To Rest and Release

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We are in the season of eclipses, which means that life probably remains upside down. The first in the series of eclipses, the lunar eclipse in Gemini, takes place on Monday, November 30, and we will probably feel its effects throughout the week as the moon approaches the full moon. However, considering where we have been recently, the busy week brings mild astrological conditions. Even with the first of the two eclipses rapidly approaching, Thanksgiving 2020 astrology suggests that we would be better served if we took time off work and used it to rest and recover from a very challenging month (and, ok, a ridiculously challenging year as well). However, before we go there, let’s discuss the other aspects that will come first.

Starting on Sunday, Mercury in Scorpio makes a set with Mars in Aries, asking you to release limiting beliefs and make room for your most real and authentic passions. Mars also asks you to move your body through exercises and movements. If physical activity is not possible for you, you can choose a sitting practice that is done with simple eye movements. Mars and Aries correlate with the head, and eye movement – especially bilateral eye movement – can be useful for releasing stress and tension and even with helping the brain to process trauma. (Eye movement reprocessing and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), however, is recommended only under the care of an accredited professional.)

For basic stress relief, here are some basic eye movements to change your inner energy: Close and open your eyes, and then, without moving your head, look up. Once completed, close and open your eyes, and again, without moving your head, look down. Finally, repeat the sequence doing two more times, once looking to the left and once to the right. An additional option is to keep your finger in front of your face and move it from left to right, following it with your eyes only. Repeat each of these sequences several times, then relax your eyes and watch the changes taking place internally.

Start the week with your eyes bright and ready for what’s to come, while leaning towards your intuitive wisdom.

These movements are useful because expanding your periphery is now a must. Mercury trines Neptune on Monday, and in this position, Mercury in Scorpio forms an ideal angle for the planet that closely represents dreams, intuition and spiritual knowledge. You will want to start the week with your eyes bright and ready for what is to come, while relying on your intuitive wisdom. Meditation can also work wonders now, especially because it can help you feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Speaking of compassion, on Wednesday, Venus in Scorpio forms a quincunce for Chiron, the wounded healer, giving you the opportunity to forgive, forget and move on. As a reminder, forgiveness does not mean that what someone did was right; it just means that you will not punish yourself for what has been done to you, holding back the pain. Forgiveness is not a spiritual deviation if you come to it by processing the grief, honoring the hurt, feeling pain and then surrendering.

Considering that Thanksgiving Day begins the holiday season at the time of COVID, there is more than enough excitement out there. However, Thanksgiving 2020 astrology includes the sun trine Chiron, which indicates that all of these intense emotions can bring a much needed sigh of relief, especially if you can lean towards forgiveness and get rid of resentment. .

On Friday, Mercury sexes Pluto, while Venus opposes Uranus. This beckons for release and offers a powerful way to deliver what you no longer need while having your personal power. Since Mercury also has sex with Jupiter, a transit that improves on Saturday, the cosmos animates the possibility and the potential, helping you to find the positive in the midst of the challenge.

As we get closer and closer to the approaching lunar eclipse, there will be more chaos to contend with, so do your best to stay centered and available for the positive – because there will be a lot of that too. Remember to love yourself and others with grace. Say what is necessary, but do it gently. Watch out for overreactions and reserve space for yourself. Is required.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic – a philosophy that integrates the profound wisdom of science and spirituality and combines her experience in astrology, positive psychology and women’s health – that she uses to train high-performance entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success. Pre-order her book, Cosmic Health (January 2021), here.

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