Astro Yoga Combines Astrology and Yoga: Here’s How

ONEstro yoga is a combination of yoga and astrology that dates back thousands of years. Many yoga practices focus on balancing the bodys energy centers, which also have planetary, zodiacal and elementary associations (earth, fire, air, water, ether).

Yoga offers the practices we need to access our deep sense of well-being, and astrology offers tools on how to navigate time and our purpose in life ”, says Emily Ridout, yoga and astrology teacher. Together, they form a powerful practice that can catapult you on your way to becoming a more powerful version of yourself. Aligning your yoga practice with the time of the cosmos and nature returns you to a more aligned and natural state. “

Intrigued? Below, Ridout explains how astro yoga works and how you can start practicing it as soon as possible.

How Astro Yoga Works

The basic idea of ​​astro yoga begins with each sign of the zodiac being associated with specific parts of the body. To harness and harness the energy of a particular zodiac sign, you can practice yoga postures and streams that strengthen and energize the body part that governs. Here is a brief overview of what rules what:

  • Aries rules the head
  • Bull rules the neck
  • Twins rule the arms, hands and lungs
  • Cancer rules the breasts, chest and stomach
  • Leo rules the heart and the upper back
  • Virgo rules the digestive tract and the lower abdomen
  • Libra rules the lower back
  • Scorpion rules the uterus and the reproductive organs
  • Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs
  • Capricorn rules the knees and the skeletal system
  • Aquarius rules the ankles and the circulatory system
  • Pisces rules the feet and the lymphatic system

Once you have a general understanding of what signals govern which parts of the body, there are a few ways to merge the two practices.

3 ways to practice astro yoga

1. Work with transits

One way to get started with astro yoga is to adjust your yoga practice to correlate with astrological transits, which Ridout says can help you navigate the natural changes that are happening in real time in your life.

Start by finding out where the sun is in the zodiac. For example, is it the Pisces season, when the sun moves to the sign of Pisces? Or Scorpio season, when the sun is entering Scorpio? (Each of these “seasons” lasts about a month, and a simple Google search will tell you what season of the zodiac we are in.) Once you know, you can focus your yoga practice on postures and flows that energize and strengthen your body parts governed by that sign.

During Sagittarius season, for example, you would do a lot of hip openers and thigh stretches. Leo’s season is great for opening your heart and making backbends. And during the Pisces season, you would benefit from the stances with your feet on the ground and your feet like the butterfly.

For a hip-opening yoga flow, Watch the video below.

2. Flow with the annual seasons

You can also work with the traditional seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Each of these stations governs certain parts of the body, so you can do postures and flows that align with the current station. For example, Ridout says that large heart openers are great during the summer because the season rules the upper and middle back and chest area.

“The signs of a fall govern the lower back, hips and sexual organs, so the balance in the feet, which stabilizes the hips, lower back and pelvis, is the key for this season,” she adds. “The winter months govern the lower part of the body, thighs, knees and feet. The signs of spring govern the head, neck and arms, so the balance of the arms is a great option in the spring. And in winter, bending forward and restorative postures are essential. “

3. Look at your birth chart

Another way to incorporate astrology into your yoga practice is to develop a flow based on your personal birth chart. “This can also include transits, but in this method, the practices are aimed at helping the practitioner to integrate specific areas of his map and life to achieve a specific result, such as emotional resilience, greater joy or personal growth in career, relationships, or other areas, ”says Ridout.

This strategy may require the help of a professional, as there are many specific layers and configurations to consider. But if you want to try it on your own, open your chart and look at which planets are in which places on your chart. Each house governs a certain area of ​​life. So, to energize any particular area, you should look to see what the zodiac sign governs that house. For example, let’s say you are feeling stuck in your relationships. In that case, you would examine the seventh house, which explores how to pair up partnerships and relationships, see what the zodiac sign governs, and then pose with that sign to awaken the energy on that part of the map. “You can choose areas of life in which you would like to see movement and literally create that movement using your practice,” says Ridout.

You can also simply stick with your own zodiac sign to optimize your star yoga practice with postures that awaken your sign and stimulate the energy associated with your corresponding body part (s). For some examples, Aries is associated with the head, so anyone who is Aries can try to stay upside down, which will help to access their inner fire. Cancer is associated with the chest and stomach region, so cat cows would be very calming for this sign. Libra energy is all about balance; since the sign is associated with the lower back, a tree posture would help to fix that energy. And Aquarius rules the ankles, so if thatIf it’s your sign, do the eagle pose, which is great for stretching your ankles.

Can you be surprised to find out how your body – and maybe your life? – responds to yoga, once you align yourself with the practice with the stars.

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